Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We did it!

I still can't believe it, but I managed to get through 31 days of blogging.  It's been cathartic, it's been educational.  It's been unbelievable.

It's been exhausting... and totally worth it.

In October, my blog has had visitors from The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Poland, India, Thailand, China, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Moldova, Singapore and Latvia.

My voice has carried farther than I could ever have dreamed.  I hope you all found something interesting, informative or that helped you in some way.

As a little recap (and a handy reference guide) here is the month in total:

Special Entries Family Day Sunday
1   - Happy DS Awareness Month
31 - Happy Hallowe'en!
2   - Life Without DS
9   - Welcome to the Family
16 - Day of Rest?
23 - Be Gentle
30 - I Wish I'd Known

Medical Monday Teaching Tuesdays
3   - Eye Problems Frequently Experienced ...
10 - Types of Down Syndrome
17 - Hearing Complications with DS
24 - Altantoaxial Instability
4   - Physical Features of Down Syndrome
11 - A Brief History of Down Syndrome, Part 1
18 - A Brief History of Down Syndrome, Part 2
25 - Down Syndrome and the Developing Child

Wyatt (and Zoe) WednesdayTherapy Thursday
5   - Wednesday with Wyatt
12 - "Wy" Not?
19 - At Home with Wyatt and Zoe
26 - Group Hug
6   - Heal Thyself
13 - Learn to Speak "Therapist" in a Few ...
20 - ...Shaping Up
27 - Speak to Me

Factoid Friday Story Time Saturday
7   - Just the Facts, Ma'am! Welcome ...
14 - ...Perceptions of Down Syndrome
21 - ...7 Good Reasons to Breastfeed...
28 - Conditions Concurrent with DS
8   - Homecoming
15 - Birth Stories
23 - Just Like Us
29 - Down Syndrome Advocate, Albert Pujols

Before I forget (which happens more than I care to admit) I would be completely remiss if I didn't thank a few people for helping this month be a success and to help me get my voice heard...

First of all, thanks to Nicole Kane Knepper for featuring me on her blog, Moms Who Drink and Swear and for her tweets and shares of my entries.  You could tell when she did something as my hit counter would have a seizure.  Through her, so many more people have found and connected with us.  Many are not of the DS community, but have found something here that has resonated with them.  Nikki, thank you.

Thank you to Ginger Greenleaf Caballero from Counting Caballeros for her tireless "pimping" efforts of DwD.  She too has helped expose me to more people that would probably not have read this otherwise.  Ginger, thank you.

Thank you to all that took the time to Retweet, +1, "Up", or share my entries... to make a comment, send me an email or PM me on Facebook.  I cannot properly express how much this support has meant to me. 

To my friends and family, thank you for your patience, understanding and support.  Thank you for understanding why this was important to me and cheering me on.

Finally, to my husband.  Thank you for your patience and understanding and your occasional proof reading and grammatical skills.  Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father to our children.

Today is also the beginning of Down Syndrome Awareness Week (November 1-7) here in Canada.  I will be returning to my usual schedule after today.  However, that will not stop the updates on DwD's Facebook Page, or my tweets (@Down_Wit_Dat);  I will continue to share stories that inform and inspire.  I will also openly challenge my home and native land to make Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  May I suggest October or March?

Through the 31 for 21 I have challenged myself mentally, creatively and even physically.  Now, it is time to pass the challenge on. I challenge all of you to make a difference.  Educate one person.  Just one.  Call someone on the use of the "R" word and explain how something that may seem so innocent to some can hurt people that surely don't deserve it.  Explain that hypotonia and speech impediments do not dictate intellect.  Help the friends and family of a newly diagnosed infant as they struggle through the first days.  Support local organizations that help people live independently and with dignity.  Educate your children and encourage inclusion.  Help wipe out ignorance, help wipe out fear.  Be the light in the dark... for one person.  If everyone reading this today does that, we will have already changed a little bit of the world in over 25 countries.  If those people challenge at least one person...  A world where Wyatt can reach for whatever star he chooses might actually be around the corner. 

The possibilities are endless.  Our adventures continue...  One challenge at a time.

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