Monday, July 21, 2014

The T21 Blog Hop - July 2014

Its that time again...

Once again, July is an "open theme" month.  There are so many really good campaigns going on right now...

Linky will open July 21st at 12:00 AM EST and close July 24th at 12:00 AM EST, allowing folks three days to submit their entries for this month's showcase.

Add your post(s) (old or new) to the linky below by clicking the link and following the instructions. If you need further instruction for adding a reciprocal link to your blog post, follow this link.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

In The News - June 2014

A collection of news articles, blogs, stories and information about Down syndrome, disability and special needs, from Down Wit Dat's Facebook page.  These are from June 2014.

AUDIOindicates an audio clip
APPEAL indicates an online petition or plea
BLOG indicates a blog post
CASE indicates a lawsuit or proceedings
EVENT indicates a scheduled event
IMAGE indicates a graphic, image or comic
LAWS indicates a new piece of legislation
LINKS indicates links or resource materials
PHOTOS indicates photos
POLL indicates an online survey
POST indicates an advocacy statement made through social media
PRESS indicates a press release
QUOTE indicates a meaningful quote
STUDY indicates a study or discovery
THREAD indicates an online discussion thread
TWEETS **NEW** indicates a Twitter Hashtag
VIDEO indicates a video or movie clip
VLOG indicates a video blog post

IMAGE"ac•tiv•ism \ˈak-ti-ˌvi-zəm\ Intentional actions to bring about societal change. Often used..."

A Point of View: Happiness and disability

Court throws out 'mental retardation'
IMAGE"Parody of the PETA "got autism" ad. A bowl of milk with a smiley face made out of cheerios..."

Why my daughter's birthday shames those who think people with Down's are not fit to live

Finnish Education Chief: 'We Created a School System Based on Equality'
#yesallwomen Includes Women with Disabilities.
POSTMDC Class Action Law Suit in Store?

CA cop fatally shoots 18-year-old special needs girl after family calls for medical help

Mother charged in death of daughter, 22, with cerebral palsy who weighed just 40lbs
IMAGE"There can be no "cure" for Autism, because Autism is not an entity. There are only Autistic..."

IMAGE"the diversity of human brains and human minds. The enormous diversity among individual..."
BLOGTTC driver refuses to let riders in wheelchairs exit bus

IMAGE"help·er /ˈhelpər/Well intentioned person who wishes to assist those they perceive to be.."
POST"In a thoughtful act of generosity, an officer aboard a private chartered flight that we had..."

The Ashley Treatment Rears its Ugly Head
What Is Autism?

'Subminimum wage' for disabled workers called exploitative
Five Steps Toward Autism Acceptance
An Argument Against Pathologizing Autism – What Others Had to Say
(Not So) Idle Hands

'Mommy blogger' accused of killing her 5-year-old son for Internet fame
BLOG"It's not easy being green, and it's not easy being Autistic when Autism Speaks treats..."
A friend of mine.

Her Body Type Is So Ignored In The Magazines That We Don’t Even Notice It’s Missing?
The T21 Blog Hop - June 2014
S.R. Salas post: “Advocacy In Others’ Words” for T-21 Blog Hop @Down_Wit_Dat
Mommy is Mad @SesameWorkshop
Don't be a Dick*
BLOGThe Joy of Acceptance
BLOGWhy I Will Never Be an Autistic "Warrior Mom"
IMAGE"Autism is not what Autism Speaks wants you to believe. They have spread many lies..."
Deconstruction by Design: A visual history of the Liberal attack on education
The Room
GUEST POST - Keep Abortion Politics Out of the Pro-Information Movement
BLOGDisability: My Connection
Why My Dad Isn’t a Hero or a Saint: A Father’s Day Tribute
Camp Goodwill

BLOGThe Downside of Assumptions
BLOGAdult Autism and Program Leadership: Yes, It’s a Big Deal.
APPEALPlease let Amazon know how offensive this merchandise and the like are

A Mighty Girl

June also saw another edition of the T-21 Blog Hop...

Thanks to all who participated.

The T-21 Blog Hop will take place every month on the 21st, for three days and will continue to feature advocacy posts from across the disability community.  See you July 21st!

...And that's the news.  Keep the stories and information coming!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day from Down Wit Dat!

Bonsey is ready for a rainy day. 
[Photo description:  Skeleton on a deck style porch wearing a red cowboy hat
with a white maple leaf, a lei made of red leaves and white flowers
and holding a red and white umbrella that is shaped like a baseball cap.]

(Those of you in the know may recognize The Umbrella.  If not, here you go.)
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