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Our resources have officially grown to the point where they need their own section!  I have collected links from all over the world that provide valuable information on Down Syndrome.  We have everything from inspirational photography to medical reference.  Peruse and enjoy... We update frequently.

If you find a resource that you feel should be on this page, forward it to us!

Down Wit Dat Quick Reference

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External References

 For New or Expecting Parents

Down Syndrome Links

Other Resources


"Mental Retardation" is No Longer an Acceptable Diagnosis
Special Needs Bullying 
"We Want Respect"
Telling Their Stories
Genetics Are Not Material


DS Awareness and Advocacy

Buddy Walk
Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis
Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Michigan
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario
Down Syndrome Association of Toronto
Down Syndrome Dublin
Down Syndrome International
Down Syndrome NSW
Down's Syndrome Association (UK)
Down's Syndrome Scotland
Families Exploring Down Syndrome
Inclusion International
Judith Scott - Aritst Extraordinary 1943-2005
Laois Down Syndrome
Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society 
National Down Syndrome Society
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society
United Nations Enable

Down Syndrome Birth Stories

Lucy: A Postnatal Diagnosis
The Best Laid Plans (Pt 1)
Checking In (Pt 2)
Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story

Down Syndrome and the Family

Issues for families with children with Down syndrome

Down Syndrome Focused Activities


Down Syndrome in Art and History

Disability in History: Aristotle Sucks
On the Antiquity of Trisomy 21: Moving Towards a Quantitative Diagnosis of Down Syndrome in Historic Material Culture
The Adoration of the Christ Child

Resources for Those with Down Syndrome

My Kind of a Future
Think College! 

Flickr DS Groups

Down Syndrome in the Family
Down's Syndrome
People with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Information

About Down Syndrome
Down España
Down Syndrome - PubMed Health
Down Syndrome Centre
Down Syndrome Centre
Down Syndrome Education Online
Down Syndrome Indiana
Down Syndrome Ireland
Down Syndrome Kosova
Down Syndrome Today
Down Syndrome: What is it?
Jamaica Down's Syndrome Foundation
Milestones for Children with Down syndrome
National Down Syndrome Congress
Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society
Zespól Downa

DS Health Related Links

"Soft Markers" Can Be Indicative of a Genetic Disorder (Such as Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome)
Down Syndrome: Health Issues. News and Information for Parents and Professionals.
Down's Heart Group
Eye Problems Frequently Experienced with Down Syndrome
Hearing Complications with Down Syndrome
More choline for pregnant, nursing women could reduce Down syndrome dysfunction, guard against dementia
Physical Characteristics of Down Syndrome
The Brain in Down Syndrome

DS Networking Links

Down Syndrome Blogs
Down Syndrome.Com
Multiples-DS Listserv

Down Syndrome Research

Down Syndrome Education International
Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation
Down Syndrome Research Foundation
Down Syndrome Research Institute

Down Syndrome Services

Down Syndrome Cork
Down Syndrome Illawarra
Halton Down Syndrome Association
Infant and Child Development Services Peel
Manitoba Down Syndrome Society
National Association for Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Therapies

Comprehensive Speech and Language Treatment for Infants, Toddlers, and Children with Down Syndrome
Helping Babies with Down Syndrome Develop Speech and Language
Occupational Therapy and the Child with Down Syndrome
The Goal and Opportunity of Physical Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome
What do we know about the movement abilities of children with Down syndrome?

Prenatal/Postpartum DS Links

Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother's Guide to Down Syndrome
What Parents Wish They'd Known

Breastfeeding Resources

Best Start - Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Inc.
Breastfeeding Premature Infants (La Leche League)
Breastfeeding Resources Catalogue - Public Health Agency of Canada
La Leche League Canada
Ontario Breastfeeding Committee
Peel Health Breastfeeding Resources
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - Motherisk
Selected List of Medications approved by the AAP for use in breastfeeding mothers
Wonders of Breast Milk

Financial and Estate Planning

The "Special Needs" Planning Group (CAN)
Consider a Henson Trust (CAN)
Henson Trust -- Wiki (CAN)
Estate Planning for Families with Minor and/or Special Needs Children (USA)
The Special Needs Trust (USA)
Benefits, Assets and Life Planning (USA)
Estate Planning for a Child with Down Syndrome (USA)

Premature Birth Resources

Babies Born Early - Prematurity and Childbirth
Calculating Corrected Age
Glosario de Términos Comunes de la UCIN
Glossary of Common NICU Terms
Historias de Milagros
Is Stress to Blame for Preterm Births?
Preemie Parents
preemie-list · Preemie-L Discussion Forum
Premature Infant.Com
The Tiny Miracles Foundation

Twin Resources

Double Blessings
EZ-2-Nurse Twin Pillows

Other Useful Links

Canadian Association for Community Living
Friendship Circle Blog: Special Needs Resources for Parents and Educators 
Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome
Language Delays
Mommy Speech Therapy
Nipissing District Developmental Screen
Sign Language Dictionary
Signing Savvy

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