Friday, November 21, 2014

The #T21BlogHop - November 2014

It's November and time again for the #T21BlogHop.

I know things have slowed down around here lately, and that has been a regrettable necessity.  It will be more apparent in the coming weeks the whys and hows and WTFs, but for now I will endeavor to keep this blog hop running and catch up on my #IntheNews posts.

In the meantime...

Inclusion, and the necessity for, the benefits of and the undermining thereof have really been on my mind lately.  Not just in my personal life and the upcoming kindergarten debut of my twins in the fall; it's everywhere I seem to look or go lately. 

In my mind, if it's still a question, if I still have to whip out, on the fly, an article on why inclusion benefits everyone, if I still find myself having to explain that yes, they are going together in September, to the same school and possibly the same class and everything... then this topic still has to be addressed.  

So, for November, the theme is INCLUSION.  As always, non-themed disability advocacy posts are welcome.

Add a post.  Tell your friends.  Spread the word.  Inclusion benefits everyone.

This blog hop will be open until midnight, November 23.

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