Friday, October 28, 2011

Conditions Concurrent with Down Syndrome

People with Down Syndrome can have a variety of medical issues.  Previously we have explored Eye and Ear problems, Atlantoaxial Instability and mentioned cardiac and bowel conditions.  We have also looked at some of the more common physical features of Down Syndrome.  As this is our last Factoid Friday (for a while...), here are additional medical concerns that can commonly occur with Down Syndrome.  It is important to note that none of these conditions are exclusive to DS;  these exist in the greater community all on their own.  However, they are listed here as there is a slightly higher incidence among people with Trisomy 21.










    Although this list is long and seemingly scary, it really isn't.  Most people with Down syndrome only have a few random things on this list (some of which are temporary conditions).  Even the most severe ones (such as AVSD) can be managed surgically and very successfully.

    And that's the facts, Jack.  Happy Friday.

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