Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the News - November, 2011

I am always on the lookout for a good piece of news, especially when it comes to Down syndrome. 

As many of you know, Down Wit Dat has it's own page on Facebook.  On there I post things from all over the world that I think would be of interest in regards to Down syndrome.  Generally it is something that I think others might like to dialogue about...  In any event, I post a lot of links.

The other day, in typical Sean fashion, he casually mentions to me that "you post a lot of links" on the FB page and that I should be posting them here as well.  Ok, we'll give him credit for being right twice this year (the first was starting this blog in the first place).  After some careful thought, I've decided to do a monthly wrap up and feature all the stories that I have posted.  Welcome to "In the News", the first of these installments.

These are in order from newest to oldest (according to when I posted them).

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Down Syndrome Music Therapy  (Australia)

Alzheimer's:  Deep brain stimulation 'reverses' disease (UK)

Woman with Down Syndrome enjoys life through Art (Vietnam)

Downs:  The History of a Disability (Canada)

Smile that melts misconceptions:  How Taya, who was born with Down's, became darling of the modelling world (UK)

Man with Down's Syndrome ignored after he was detained in hospital and locked up before he died (UK)

Brain Scan identifies patterns of plaques and tangles in adults with Down Syndrome (USA)

Still Face Experiment (USA)

Local Girl wins national award for Most Beautiful Eyes contest (USA)

Dr. Allen Crocker, 85;  offered care and hope to children with Down Syndrome (USA)

A case that shames the Isle of Man (UK)

Study Finds Genes for Down Syndrome Heart Problems (USA)

The Simple Truths of Service:  Johnny the Bagger (USA)

The Specials (UK)

Indian artist with Down’s Syndrome raises funds for Vietnamese brethren (Vietnam)

Teacher and student become mother and daughter on National Adoption Day (USA)

Duo in Chicago:  Down Syndrome doesn't stop this athlete and her sister (USA)

The Queen's Hidden Cousins (UK)

Lauren Potter - The ABLE ACT (USA)

Glee's Lauren Potter Appointed to Obama's Disability Committee (USA)

What If... (Canada)

Advances in Down Syndrome Cognitive Research (USA)

Learning Disabled Actors to Star in TV's Shameless (UK)

Peipmeier, Cantrell:  Looking Anew at Down Syndrome (USA)

Final Touchdown, ultimate show of sportsmanship (USA)

Royal Winter Fair - Co-Op Program (Canada)

Down Syndrome Ability Awareness (USA)

Danangi's success story shows the way to other Down Syndrome children (Sri Lanka)

Boyfriends, Uggs and Vodka:  One mother's strikingly candid account of seeing a Down Syndrome child grow up (UK)

Jamie Foxx's Sister:  New Down Syndrome Ambassador (USA)

Special Needs Apps (USA)

My Brother has Down's Syndrome and I Love Him (USA)

...Shall We Dance? (India)

Parents of Children with Down Syndrome Speak Out (Ireland)

Down's Syndrome Boy's Mum asks:  When did it become comedy to laugh at kids like my son? (UK)

Park Ridge Hospital breaks ground on Down syndrome facility (USA)

Buddy Walk raises awareness of Down Syndrome (Canada)

Alex and Jollean (Canada)

Carly's Voice:  Changing the world of Autism (Canada)

Man with Down's syndrome becomes first to pass driving test (Ireland)

2012 Calendar (Scotland)

Down Syndrome Program (USA)

Sudbury Catholic Student Helping Others to "See The Ability" (Canada)

Parents hope treatment will 'given them back their little boy' (Ireland)

U. receives major grant to explore causes of Down Syndrome (USA)

Defeat Dementia in Down's Syndrome Study (UK)

Jamie Foxx on Caring for Sister with Down Syndrome:  'I don't call it a condition, I call it living' (USA)

Shifting Perspectives at the Dublin Arts Council (Ireland)

Down Syndrome Awareness Week (Canada) 

Down Wit Dat was featured this month:

 The Colour of Flowers:

"The Colour of Flowers "

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"Nik's Monthly Picks"

Whew.  That was a lot of links.  I hope December is just as productive.  If you find a cool link, don't hesitate to send it my way via email or our Facebook Page (don't forget to "like" it while you are there).  You can also follow us on Twitter @Down_Wit_Dat.

...and that's the news.


  1. Can you have a page with key links and resources? Here and or on Facebook?

    1. I've moved the resources to their own page. Hope that helps!


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