Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wyatt and Zoe (Wordless) Wednesday (31 for 21, Day 10)

Happy Dude Pretty girl
Mini blue eyes Zoe
Hey? Wyatt Has a flower
She's telling hiim a secret Contemplative Double Busted! No, I am not picking these flowers.  I have no idea what he is laughing at either.

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  1. ADORBS! Goping to swing by and steal Z's coat.

  2. LOL! She's almost out of it. Both of those coats came from WalMart last year, can you believe it? Chanel and a classic pea coat. LOVES!

  3. Goping?
    And I can't even blame the phone for this one. Let's see, I blame the Kardashians, as usual.


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