Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Birth Stories (31 for 21, Day 13)

This is another topic that I did last year.  However, in the time since then I have found many new birth stories that have touched my heart.  Again, I don't think there is a greater leveler than birth.  It doesn't matter who you are... start talking about contractions and experiences (both good and bad) and you will be surprised who is in the conversation.  It reminds us all that we are human.

We also have some prenatal testing stories this time around as well.

Just in case you are new or would like a reminder,  here is our story:

These are stories with a little extra.  These are stories that share both joy and pain in them.  To me, those are the stories that are worth telling the most.


  1. I guess I really am a feckin' mommy blogger now. GAAAAHHHHH. ;-)

    1. Blogging about the act of becoming a Mommy and being a 'Mommy Blogger' are two separate things, methinks. BTW: I love your story and your blog, Mommy or not.


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