Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday with Wyatt

Hello World!
Hello World!  (7+ mos)
This post should really be called "The Adventures of Wyatt and Zoe" or "Adventures in Twindom" or something, but since this is supposed to be"Wyatt Wednesday", I should at least try to keep the theme going for the first week. 

Our little people are growing up at an alarming rate.  At almost 8 months old (6 weeks corrected), Zoe is learning to crawl.  She has been army crawling/creeping/pulling herself along the wood floor for a few weeks now.  Last week she started rocking.  Then she would rock on her knees.  Now, using a combination of creeping, crawling, rolling and sliding she can get just about anywhere she wants.  Fast.  Which is frightening.  On the other hand, she is keeping the floors pretty clean and dust free so that is one less thing to worry about.  She has also been able to stand holding on to our fingers for over a month, but has yet to master sitting up.  The gap between them is even more evident now as Wyatt is still working on rolling over and rolling back (as opposed to rolling onto his tummy, looking around/playing for a while, getting tired and then just deciding to have a nap where he is).  I have a feeling that this skill will be just like all the others:  nothing for a long time and then poof!  Sudden mastery.

I Need a Nap
I need a nap

Mealtimes are another adventure.  Both are doing well with solid food.  In fact, Wyatt is outshining his sister in the eating department.  Although he eats less (she has a voracious appetite!), he has responded well to the sideways spoon technique and eats like a pro now. There is very little "food shaving" or retrieval off of his face.  Zoe still tries to eat the spoon or slurp the food off of it.  She will also dive for the bowl and try and stick her whole head in if I am not careful.  I feed them both from the same bowl and spoon just to keep it easy (I can hear my Infection control peeps cringing at that one, but they already share each others germs anyway).  If I take too long giving Wyatt his spoonful, she will wipe what is on her face on the side of her chair and then lick it off.  She is nothing if not resourceful.   So far, their gastronomical repertoire includes (not in order):  rice cereal, oats, barley, bananas, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes peas and as of yesterday, squash.

Gettin' Mobile
They lull you into a false sense of security with their cuteness...
It's almost impossible to photograph them together now, unless they are asleep or engrossed in something.  One wants to go one way while the other does something else. 

There is never a dull moment around the place. If one isn't trying to talk up a storm, the other is (or they are intently watching their big brother give a dissertation on whatever he is about right then).  Wyatt is smiling more spontaneously and laughing more easily these days so he just a little joy to be around.  It's almost if his whole being lights up as his eyes crinkle and he erupts into his face splitting smile.  Regardless of what is going on, they are the perfect antidote for a rough day at work.  Two giggling babies can cure just about anything, I am convinced.

Zoe Attacks!
Then, Zoe Attacks!

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