Saturday, October 8, 2011


Those that have "liked" or subscribe to Down Wit Dat's Facebook Page know that I share as many positive Down Syndrome stories as I can possibly find. There are a few that I would like to share today, for the first "Story Time Saturday" of the 31 for 21 Challenge. These are stories of inclusion and of love.

The first is about a girl from Texas named Mariah Slick who was nominated Homecoming Queen.

Azle nominates special girl for homecoming queen

Then, to everyone's delight, she won.

Mariah Slick, Student with Down Syndrome, Crowned Homecoming Queen in Texas 

Then, there is Chase Lollis, the Homecoming King at Dorman High School in South Carolina:

Finally, there is Regan.  The beautiful, caring and dedicated girl in the "Retarded" video that went viral earlier this week.  She made it for her brother Russell, who has Down Syndrome and Autism.  If you haven't seen it:

We will forgive her tears and we will forgive her spelling error. To her, the word is so loathesome, she can't even bear to write it.  Here are two more vidoes by her.  "Me n Russ":

and "Regan and Russell".

You can see in her face how much she loves her brother.  He is not an embarrassment, he is loved.  He is Russell.  My hope is that Quinn and Zoe grow up to be same caliber of advocate for Wyatt.  You can also see from the videos that have sprung up since that she is an inspiration to others.

Three beautiful stories about some very beautiful people.  Can you think of anything better for such a gorgeous fall day?

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