Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome to the T-21 Blog Hop - April 2014

When I resurrected the T-21 Blog Hop last October, I did so with the idea that regardless of whatever month or theme I had chosen for a particular 'hop, it would always be open for pure advocacy posts.  That has not, nor will it ever, change.

This month, there is a lot going on in the various disability communities.  Instead of picking a topic or jumping on a popular organization's bandwagon, I'm going to let the posts and their authors speak for themselves. 

If I had to pick a topic to go with April, I'd say "Acceptance" or "Advocacy".  Both of those begin with A, right?  However, truth be told, those should be the themes for every month, as they are the drum beat that spurs folks like the ones you are about to read, on.

Shower us with Acceptance and Advocacy posts.  It is April after all...

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