Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome (Back) to the T-21 Blog Hop!

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Somewhere around December of last year I shelved the T-21 Blog Hop.  I did this partially out of lack of interest and partially out of the time involved each month. 

However, after much deliberation [read:  drank some wine and thought eh, why not?], it's back bay-bee! 

(For instructions and more information, click this link)

As it is Down syndrome Awareness Acceptance Month in the United States, I thought I would roll this one out with a theme.  Not surprisingly, I have chosen Acceptance.

What is acceptance to you?  What do disability advocates have to do to get there?  What does society have to do to get there?  How do things like ableism, inclusion, activism, education, and intersectionality fit in?  How does all of this relate to you in particular? 

We will also continue to welcome posts about disability advocacy.  

You can only add a post once to the linky, but you are welcome to add more than one post if you choose.

Add your posts to the "linky" below and read some excellent posts from self-advocates and allies from around the globe.

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