Monday, December 31, 2012

In the News - December 2012

Every month I compile a list of the stories I post on Down Wit Dat's Facebook page. They are stories of activism, of inclusion, of advocacy, of education, of hope and of love.  These are from the month of December.

AUDIOindicates an audio clip
APPEAL indicates an online petition or plea
BLOG indicates a blog post
EVENT indicates a scheduled event
LINKS indicates links or resource materials
PHOTOS indicates photos
STUDY indicates a study
THREAD indicates an online discussion thread
VIDEO indicates a video

Beaufort teen with Down syndrome is transcribing her way through the Bible

Read more here:


EVENT International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December 2012

Interview: Dr. Brian Skotko (part 1)

The Arc Reacts to the U.S. Senate’s Defeat of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Creating awareness around Down Syndrome

We’re Not Special Parents

Erma Bombeck: Special Mothers

EXCLUSIVE: Compulsory abortion for Down’s syndrome foetuses, says UKIP Kent candidate

My Son Has Autism. Please Don’t Be Afraid.
Commercial Features Down syndrome Child

Charity52 Releases Limited Edition “Achieve” T-Shirt with Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas

Is this the last U.S family to adopt a baby from Russia? Utah couple welcome Down syndrome girl just days before Putin bans American 'baby trade' forever

Homecoming couple continue to inspire

We had our tenth and sadly final, T-21 Blog Hop on December 21.  I'd like to thank all those that have participated this month and in months gone past.  Perhaps we will revisit this feature sometime in the future. 

Our Facebook page is well on it's way to reach over 1000 fans! Welcome to all our new friends. Please share!

Don't forget our Facebook Group!  Down Wit Dat - The Group is an all inclusive special needs discussion forum.  Join the conversation!

I'm looking forward to judging December's Photo Theme "Holidays Around the World".  Results to be posted later on Down Wit Dat's Facebook page. January's Theme to be announced at the same time. 

...And that's the news.  Keep the stories and information coming!  See you in 2013!


  1. A fabulous round-up as ever Jen. Happy new year to you all from Downs Side Up.


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