Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In the News - July 2012

Every month I compile a list of the stories I post on Down Wit Dat's Facebook page. They are stories of inclusion, of advocacy, of education, of hope and of love.  These are from the month of July.

AUDIOindicates an audio clip
APPEAL indicates an online petition or plea
BLOG indicates a blog post
EVENT indicates a scheduled event
LINKS indicates links or resource materials
PHOTOS indicates photos
STUDY indicates a study
THREAD indicates an online discussion thread
VIDEO indicates a video

Boy, Girl with Down Syndrome Chosen Prom King, Queen

Models wanted for Peterborough's Down's Sydrome exhibition

Torchbearers set to light up LBO land

Great Day for Down Syndrome Association
APPEAL Save Childrens Cardiac Surgery at the EMCHC at Glenfield Leicester
BLOG On Being a Down Syndrome Superstar

Carrie McLaren: Down syndrome not stopping my daughter Molly

Earlier Birth, at 37 Weeks, Is Best for Twins, Study Suggests

LINKS Welcome to Group Hug Apparel
I think Down syndrome is good

LINKSUnderstanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis:  Our prenatal Down Syndrome Booklet is now digital.  And free.

Drug Shown to Improve Memory in Those With Down Syndrome
Stamford man with Down Syndrome reaches karate's pinnacle

The R-word. Not again?
Operation AV Canal
Paying it forward to the Down Syndrome Community

International adoption won't fix this problem.
APPEAL Disabled vet asks for public support, says airline workers kicked his service dog
13 chromosomal disorders you may not have heard of

LINKS Back to School with Down Syndrome

Mutations in Autism Susceptibility Gene Increase Risk in Boys

Samantha Brick admits that she would seriously consider aborting an IVF baby if she discovered that it had Down's Syndrome
1 Woman: 10 Questions – Hayley, Downs Side Up

Essex MPP recognizes outstanding citizens – awards Diamond Jubilee Medals

Children’s Book Offers Lesson About Down’s Syndrome
PHOTOS Life through the eyes of Christopher Diedo
Down's Syndrome no handicap for this award winner

Are we stumbling towards a society with no children being born with Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome researchers see hope for a pill to boost patients’ mental abilities
Erma Bombeck: Special Mothers

Language of Love: Twins with Down syndrome communicate with sign language while they learn to speak
The storm continues to rage around us

Second Olympian banned for offensive tweet

Down Wit Dat is featured in Apostrophe' Magazine's Summer issue as a Web Resource.  Check out page 12!

We had our fifth T-21 Blog Hop on July 21.  It was best turn out yet and I have decided to expand it permanently to three days from the original one!  (3 days for the third copy of chromosome 21.) Don't miss our next one on August 21.

Our Facebook page is now on the way to surpassing 800 fans in the next few days.  We've also started a monthly photo theme.  Post your photos and join in the fun.

Don't forget our Facebook Group!  Down Wit Dat - The Group is an all inclusive special needs discussion forum.  Join the conversation!

...And that's the news.  Keep the stories and information coming!

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