Thursday, May 31, 2012

In the News - May 2012

Every month I compile a list of the stories I post on Down Wit Dat's Facebook page. They are stories of inclusion, of advocacy, of education, of hope and of love.  These are from the month of May.


AUDIO indicates an audio clip
BLOG indicates a blog post
EVENT indicates a scheduled event 
LINKS indicates links or resource materials
PHOTOS indicates photos
STUDY indicates a study
THREAD indicates an online discussion thread
VIDEO indicates a video

VIDEOI Have a Voice
LINKS Downs Designs
LINKS Teaching Ending Letter Sounds - Worksheets, Games and Activities

Scientists make stunning inner space observations
BLOG Foundation to expand:  Hero to many helps kids with Down Syndrome
THREAD Just a question about Down Syndrome
Ahern:  Beverly mother is 'fierce warrior' for Down Syndrome Awareness

Petra's Poem shares life of woman with Down Syndrome
PHOTOS Living well with Down Syndrome

Dancing brings new confidence to children with Down's Syndrome
BLOG Found:  The mystery girl with Down Syndrome who's a cruel web joke
BLOG To the new mother of a baby with Down Syndrome

I'm going to cut off my hair and give it to the poorly girls who don't have any

Kent State Student Excels Despite Down Syndrome

Looking for Suffering in All the Wrong Places

Lauren Potter Plays Becky Jackson On Glee--Now Check Out the Amazing Work She is Doing Off Set, Too!

Passion for Fashion Drives self-taught Port St. Lucie artist with Down Syndrome

Cheerleader with Down Syndrome inspires classmates

'She Inspires Us All':  How a cheerleader with Down's Syndrome became homecoming queen and touched a community
Church lift ban on Catholic boy, 8, taking Holy Communion because he has Down's Syndrome after outcry

Life and love with a Down Syndrome child
LINKS Risk of Heart Disease in Down Syndrome
VIDEO Emmanuel Bishop (Age: 15), Violin recital at Sel├žuk University

Hate crime victim is praised and admired
VIDEO Royal Oak Dancer with Down syndrome wins gold at regional competition

Mesquite High School Yearbooks Pulled after "Mentally Retarded" Used to Describe Some Students

R-Word - Spread the Word to End the Word

Tuscaloosa teen with Down Syndrome inspires a community
BLOG Surviving at Sea (send a boat please)
BLOG Why it Matters

What's Working:  Service Station Hires Special Needs Employee

Brady Kanavel has been an ambassador at West Muskingum High
BLOG R-word.  Do you cringe?
EVENT Olympic Torch Relay:  My stage in honour of people with DS worldwide

NZ's first Scout leader with Down Syndrome

Having a Ball
BLOG What is going on here?!? Autism, Uneven Development and Periods of Consolidation

Paul's Posting

Walgreen's Expands Disability Employment Effort Nationwide
EVENT Down Syndrome Dublin Events
VIDEO Peter Rosset's Music Channel
BLOG Beaches, Buddies and the Undercurrent of Down Syndrome
VIDEO Down Syndrome Research Foundation PSA
VIDEO Special Olympics Illinois PSA "Speechless"

Mum speaks up for children with Downs

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...And that's the news.  Keep the stories and information coming!

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