Saturday, March 31, 2012

In the News - March 2012

Every month I compile a list of the stories I post on Down Wit Dat's Facebook page. They are stories of inclusion, of advocacy, of education, of hope and of love.  These are from the month of March.


AUDIO indicates an audio clip
BLOG indicates a blog post
LINKS indicates links or resource materials
PHOTOS indicates photos
STUDY indicates a study
VIDEO indicates a video

BLOGSeeing the Best in Every Child:  The Importance of Neurodiversity

Special Athletes, Fans:  These Olympians get cheers from each part of S.C.

Ending the R-Word: Ban it or understand it?
VIDEO Would You Call My Child a Retard?
BLOG Today is the Day to end the Use of the R-Word

R Word: Spread the Word to End the Word
BLOG Someone is listening--Lets Eliminate the R word

Autism:  Don't Look Now, I'm Trying to Think
BLOG Redefining Normal Every Day
BLOG What is 'Normal' Anyway?
VIDEO Sujeet Desai:  Amazing grace:  Message of Hope

Animal School

World Down Syndrome Day is Approaching!
LINKS Down Syndrome - Information on Causes, Care and Resources for Down Syndrome Families

Two Friends with Down Syndrome to Make history by completing the LA marathon

Oldest man with Down syndrome dies in Waseca

Meet Bingham High Schools incredible Prom King
VIDEO World Down Syndrome Day 2012: LET US IN - I WANT TO LEARN
PHOTOS Photos of World Down Syndrome Day (from WDSD Group)

World Down Syndrome Day - March 21

Putting the Spotlight on Down Syndrome

Mum's Map aids Down's parents

Researcher, 17, Conducts Down Syndrome Study
LINKS World Down Syndrome Day

2012 Canadian Down Syndrome Day Heroes
VIDEO 21 Faces of Down Syndrome
BLOG Happy World Down Syndrome Day!
BLOG The Unsung Heroes

World Down Syndrome Day 2012
VIDEO Young Love ::: Down Syndrome Awareness

Curcumin nudges sluggish protein folding

Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability, in Teddington, to explore history of Down's Syndrome

iPad:  More than a Toy;  A Voice for the Disabled

High School Basketball Player with Down Syndrome Barred from Team as he's too old
VIDEO Glee Star Lauren Potter in New Series!

Perfect Love - Anna-Kay Tomlinson counts her blessings

Banar is Down Syndrome Hero

Governor's Mansion Displays Blue Ribbons for Down Syndrome Awareness

Monica and David Screening and Discussion

Artist born with Down Syndrome exhibits her work at Osceola32

Local Mom writes children's book on raising a child with Down Syndrome
VIDEO Ace Eicher, Girl, Explains Why Brother with Down Syndrome is Just Like Any other Kid

Down Wit Dat was named as's Reader's Choice Best Special Needs Parenting Blog this month:

Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog

Readers Respond:  Tell Us What you Love About 'Down Wit Dat'

...And that's the news.  Keep the stories and information coming!

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