Monday, January 30, 2012

In the News - January, 2012

Every month I compile a list of the stories I post on Down Wit Dat's Facebook page. They are stories of inclusion, of advocacy, of hope and of love.  These are from the month of January, from oldest to newest.

AUDIO indicates an audio clip
BLOG indicates a blog post
LINKS indicates links or resource materials
PHOTOS indicates photos
STUDY indicates a study
VIDEO indicates a video

HAC to Host Special Traveling Exhibit

Fleming Island Boy Named A Citrus King, to Ride in Orlando Parade
STUDY Oxidative Stress and Down Syndrome:  A Route Towards Alzheimer's-like Dementi
VIDEO Retarded
VIDEO Down Syndrome Man Earns 1st Degree Black Belt

Being Retarded

Target Uses Special Needs Child in Catalog
BLOGBeing Retarded (The Full Post)
VIDEO Not Acceptable R-word PSA

Teenager with Down Syndrome Competes with Saucon Valley High School Swim Team
VIDEO Down Syndrome Awareness - Maddox Lucille
My Son Can See Dragons

My Brother's Valuable Life 
BLOG Just A Word 
BLOG Disability Life:  Stephen and the R-Word
Spread the Word
VIDEO One Year Down This Path - A Father's Perspective on Down Syndrome
Parental Perceptions of Sibling Relationships in Families Rearing a Child with a Chronic Condition
STUDY Gamma-tocotrienol does not substantially protect DS neurons from hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative injury
VIDEO McGill Dances for Cancer Research LipDub

Bullied boy all smiles after operation to fix ears
BLOG January 23: International Day of Mourning and Memory

Louisiana Toddler who Battled Disease Dies in Mother's Arms
PHOTOS Message to all my FB friends!  Look at pictures in order
VIDEO Lily's Story - Down Syndrome awareness
PHOTOS A Thing or Two about Twins

Virgina Lawmaker:  Children with disabilities are God's punishment for women who previously had abortions
Music, a universal language

Carrie McLaren:  Pride replaces fear for special needs mom

Poppin Joe's Kettle Korn

If People with Down Syndrome Ruled the World

How to Raise a Child with Down Syndrome:  Advice and Resources

Brick Walls
BLOG A fair warning before you see "The Descendants"
BLOG Suj's Site
BLOG There's Nothing "Down" About Having a Child With Down Syndrome
VIDEO Lauren Potter talking about Glee, Justin Bieber and R-Word
BLOG Cousin Mattie:  The International Day of Mourning and Memory

World Down Syndrome Day at UN - 3/21 - "Building our Future"

Two Women with Down Syndrome Finish Rose Bowl Half Marathon

Down's Syndrome Youngster to Serve in Israeli Army
STUDY Memantine Strikes out with Down's Syndrome

Museum of Learning Disability
LINKS Disability Scoop

Talking things through in your head may help autism
VIDEO Brighton grad with Down Syndrome lives to learn and help others

New Trier Teen Stars in Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie this Weekend

Superbowl Sunday Super for Jacob
BLOG Lauren Potter!  Glee!  SAG award nomination

A birthday wish for James

Zeb Olko Recieves College Scholarship

Down Wit Dat was featured this month:

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...And that's the news.  Keep the stories and information coming!

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