Friday, December 30, 2011

In the News - December 2011

Here are the links featured on Down Wit Dat's Facebook page for the month of December.  This time around, they are in order from oldest to newest.

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"One of them is my sib video contest" 

PTSD Concern for Parents of Premature Babies

Down Syndrome 

Helping Babies with Down Syndrome Develop Speech & Language  

My Kind of a Future

On the Use and Power of the Word Retard 

Down Syndrome Testing

A Chosen Child

Down Syndrome Actor Steps Up to the Mark in Groundbreaking New Play

An Apology from Your Child's Former Teacher

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society Annual Conference

Monica and David

December 10th is Human Rights Day

A Perfect Fit for Those with Down Syndrome

Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder

Jazzy Holman Doesn't Let Disability Stop Her

Hidden Angels:  American Families Saving Children with Down Syndrome

The 5 Stereotypes of Down Syndrome

Biologists Use Flies and Mice to get to the Heart of Down Syndrome 

New Findings Validate the Accuracy of Autism Diagnosis in Children with Down Syndrome 

Lung Function of Moderately Premature Babies is Reduced at 8-9 years but may Improve with Age.

Firefighters deliver labour of Love

Also published in December:

Speech Therapy for Infants with Down Syndrome

Atlantioaxial Instability in Down Syndrome

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...and that's the news.

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