Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Catch-Up Friday

Every so often I have to take some time out and catch up on my photos.  The babies are growing and changing so fast and so much has happened in the last couple of weeks... it was either try to catch up now or lose track.

A little over two weeks ago, we went to Sean's Aunt's to meet up with his Grandma and introduce Wyatt and Zoe (and we could wish her a happy 90th birthday).  Wyatt and Grandma made quite a pair, while Zoe... wasn't so amiable. I couldn't get a decent picture of all three of them, but here is a good one of Grandma.
Great Grandma and Wyatt
Wyatt and his Great-Grandma
A few days later, I was in the kitchen washing up all the bottles...

How to Kill Half an Hour
How to kill half an hour...

...and I went to check on the babies.  They were napping on a blanket on the living room floor.  I had put them down side by side and they had wiggled around and fallen asleep with Zoe on her side and Wyatt's head in her lap.  It was too much.
Asleep on the Blankets Together
So happy together...
I got to sneak around them and take a few more pics as they woke up.  So very cute.  So badly lit, but so very cute.
Little Boy Blue
Pretty in Pink
Little Boy Blue and Pretty in Pink

Canada Day was a lot of fun.  After my Please Mum score of a few days before, I had the kids outfitted in patriotic cuteness.

Canada Baby II Zoe!
This of course, was only outdone by Zoe's latest milestone:

Zoe's latest Milestone
Oooh!  Look what I can do!

There was a giant pile of meat and good friends to help us eat:

Giant Meat Pile... *drool*
Good Friends
Good food, good friends

There were two sets of twins (and only one Quinn):

Two Sets of Twins and a Quinn
Two sets of twins... and a Quinn

Then, as dusk crept in, they made the night sparkle!

The Terror Trio
Ty, Erin and Quinn.  The Terror Trio, now with fire!

Quinn and Ty More Erin Could be a Fish?
Quinn Draws a 6 Figure 8 "Q" is For Quinn!
Fun for all the kids... from 4 months to 40.

My garden, such as it is this year, has a few new friends and a few beautiful old ones.  I will post those later.

Until then...

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