Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Community Pride

Once more, I would like to interrupt this blog for a special announcement...

Down Wit Dat has been nominated for an award from About.com!  That's two years in a row!

You like us!  You really like us!

This year, we have been nominated for Down Wit Dat - The Group, the discussion forum for Down Wit Dat (our Facebook page) and @Down_Wit_Dat our Twitter Feed. 

Confused yet?  I probably should have been a little more creative with the naming scheme.

However, I am very proud of our mighty little online community and I am honoured and thankful to whoever took the time to nominate us.

You can vote once a day, every day through March 19th. 

About.com's Readers' Choice:  Favorite Special-Needs Online Community Voting Here!

Congratulations to all the nominees!

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...


  1. I voted! And it looks like right now you are blowing away the competition :)


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