Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sittin' Pretty

Life has been kicking my ass lately.  Stress is high, motivation is low.  Haters gotta hate.  Between appointments and bookings and weekly therapy and work and the never ending train of things going by, I've found myself impatiently waiting for sight of that caboose.  Thankfully here is a break in our schedule, this train has finally passed and the crossing bar is going up.  I'm off for a few now and I could almost hear the engine revving in my head to get the hell out of Dodge. Which I did, as soon as the lights stopped flashing.  Zoom!

Team Logan has been hitting the milestones hard in the last while;  there have been quite a few "firsts" and realizations with our little brood.  For example, we seem to have a finite amount of teeth in this house.  Zoe has sprouted three little pearly daggers, while her big brother Quinn has lost two and is possibly working on a third. The first one to fall came out by accident;  Quinn was running around the living room and slipped and bumped his mouth on the couch.  There was blood... lots of it.  He was pretty freaked out at first until I explained a few things.  1) the bleeding would stop eventually and 2) his hysterics at the sight of blood would have nothing to do with [this weeks goal of] becoming a doctor.  Thanks, Wonderful World of Psychiatry

His second tooth came out a few days ago as I "accidentally" popped it out as I was "assessing" it.  His two adult incisors are growing in at a furious rate and the baby tooth had fallen over and had started to imbed itself sideways in the gum.  After the initial shock and surprise (and less freakout as there was less blood), it lay in it's jewelry box totally forgotten about for two days.  He finally remembered to put it under his pillow last night and was rewarded with a dollar.  He added it to the five dollars he got for his first tooth and is [quote] a happy miser [end-quote]. 

Zoe's latest kick is shouting.  I don't mean yelling as she is hungry/tired/hurt, but rather shouting for shouting's sake.  She'd make a great Vogon guard.  Her babbling just seems to be set on 11 at all times and when not exploring the endless permutations of "Dada", "Daddy", "Bob" and "Bop", (complete with wild hand gestures) she works on her version of The Who/CSI Yeeeeaaaaah!.  At all hours. At random intervals.  It's especially charming after a couple of night shifts. *shiver*.

She's also almost walking.  The cruising is one handed at best and every object that she can roll or shove across the floor is an assistive device.  This includes (and is by no means inclusive of):  Wyatt's "Bean", the Bumbo chairsthe musical table, and a 10 lb basket of toys.  She'd roll Wyatt along if she could.  I'm not kidding.  She's a bulldozer.  You have been warned.

We've added a few things to the babies' diet as well.  The pediatrician was shocked that we had Wyatt on more than a simple puree.  We've been slowly bringing more texture/less moisture to their food for some time now.   Zoe should be eating a lot of finger foods, but it is hard to have two completely different meal textures on hand at all times.  Instead, we've reached a happy medium.  Our homemade oatmeal has more lumps, as does the barley.  They eat rice shaped pastina:  mixed into their food, in clumps with melted cheese, and individually if they want.  If they have a pureed banana with their cereal in the morning, we set some aside and cut it up into tiny little bits for them to work on.  Zoe works on her pincer grasp with Cheerios, Rice Krispies and Special K, while Wyatt works on his tongue muscles and synchronizing his chewing and swallowing.  You may have to feed the pieces of cereal to him, but you also have to count your fingers afterwards. Recently, we've added cottage cheese, mashed textures and tiny chunks of cooked fruit.  It's been successful all over.  I haven't quite introduced them to their Momma's famous homemade mac and cheese yet, but after some pretty frustrating months, it looks like we will get there.

The best news all week was Mr. Wyatt's sitting progress.  He's been improving slowly in this area for the last little while.  We've been working on his core, improving his posture and putting him in a sitting position as much as possible.  Our perseverance paid off yesterday as he managed to sit, unassisted for over a minute!  It was amazing! 

Look Who's Sitting!
Look what I can do! We managed to get him to do it again, at least long enough to take the above picture.  He's tired... you can tell as he is starting to list to port.

We've found lately that putting one of the smaller nursing pillows around him while he sits gives him a tiny bit of support (and a handy crash pad).

Sittin' and Grinnin'
Sittin' and a' grinnin'

Life with Team Logan is never dull.  But, that's life with special needs.  Sometimes you need a helmet, sometimes it feels like your heart is about to burst.  Big girl panties are a must and we don't have any positions open for part time people.  Somehow though, it all works.  It isn't easy to get out of bed some days, but we are getting there, one milestone at a time.  We may not be rich or have the best of things, we may be short on sleep... but we are sure sittin' pretty. 



  1. That second photos is the cutest thing I have seen all week. Awesome.

  2. Great Blog!! I am sittin and grinnin as big as Mr. Wyatt right now looking at his photo! He is so cute! I wanted to let you know I awarding you with the versatile Blogger award. :)


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