Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Makin' Progress

Busy, busy...

It has been such a busy week with Team Logan.  We have updates, we have birthdays, we have goals.  We have cupcakes.  What's better than cupcakes?

Wyatt went for his one year hearing test a week ago and did very well on all accounts.  As yours truly was working, Sean had to take both babies by himself.  Wyatt did not have to be asleep for this test (thankfully); I think that would have been almost impossible to achieve. You may remember from the last audiologist appointment that Zoe screamed loud enough to be heard inside a soundproof room.  She stayed true to form and did not disappoint this visit either.  However, despite the not-so-ambient noise from my daughter, the audiologist felt that Wyatt's hearing was within normal limits except for one small area which was inconclusive.  She was unsure as it could have been Zoe's interference and distracting abilities or just Wyatt deciding not to respond to the sound.  Regardless, we took it as good news.

The very next day was their first birthday.  Although I did blog a bit of a retrospective in the morning, the afternoon and evening were spent with the babies.  Lots of pictures were taken and vids were shot.  Both Wyatt and Zoe loved their first taste of cake, which wasn't anything fancy.  For Quinn's first birthday I went all out and made a special no added sugar, no egg thing that tasted vaguely like raisin bread.  This time around I didn't have time (or the desire, frankly) to make anything like that, so instead we opted for angel food cake cupcakes (with confetti sprinkles) and whipped cream.  Naturally, they loved them. 

Babies Eating Cupcakes.  YUM!

Saturday was their birthday party.  Unfortunately, we woke up to a blanket of snow.  That meant that most of our party guests (who were coming from out of town) were unable to make it as they were pretty socked in.  It's February.  In Canada.  What can you do?  We still had a great time with the few that did come and the babies were thoroughly fĂȘted.   

Aside from cake, they've explored quite a few new foods and textures lately.  Both are crazy about cheese (cottage and cheddar) and were treated recently to their version of mac n' cheese (just don't tell them it has pureed cauliflower in it).  They've attempted very small pieces of cooked broccoli;  Zoe was nonplussed while Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed it.  That is, until I discovered that he was just stashing it in his high palate.  Pancakes, raspberries, watermelon... and the list goes on.  The biggest change in their diet this week has been switching them from formula to homogenized milk.  They are still breastfed most of the time, but their diet was supplemented with formula when I was at work and with a small "top up" at night.  That has been switched out to milk and thankfully, everything is well so far.  Next up:  eggs.

At our session this morning, we discussed future goals with Wyatt's therapists.  At six months, we hoped that by this time Wyatt would be sitting independently (while bracing himself), propping himself up on his hands while on his tummy, pivoting while in that position and starting to commando crawl.  As of this morning, he can sit up independently while braced for 5 minutes (and without bracing for a short period of time).  He props himself up on his hands while on his stomach and can pivot slightly less than 90 degrees.  His rolling has improved to the point where he can log roll non-stop and in both directions.  He is not crawling, although he did demonstrate a little "going backward" today when he was trying to reach for a toy (and was able to "push off" of his worker's hand and slide forward to reach his goal).  Everyone is pleased with his progress overall.  Today we set new goals:  Hands free sitting, pivoting 90 degrees, backwards or forwards commando crawling and feeding himself more independently.  The last is a bit of a tricky one as he is quite content to grab a handful of my hair or another foreign object and put it in his mouth but not food.  He picks his solid food up, plays with it, but if he eats it, generally it is because we are putting it in his mouth.  I think it's just a matter of proper motivation, as I turned my back for a second on Saturday to help a party guest with something and turned back to find this:

Wyatt's Ninja Noms

No one can resist a cupcake.  No one.

Slowly and carefully, Wyatt is developing, albeit at his own speed.  He is strong and healthy and continues to delight anyone in his presence.  At one year in, we know we are still new at this;  it will probably get a lot harder as he grows older.  Right now we are progressing and that deserves to be celebrated.  Quite possibly with cupcakes.


I've also done a guest spot on "Life with Penis People" this week.  Stop by, say hi to Danielle and read my post "A Little Longer and a Little Different".  You won't be disappointed.

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