Thursday, August 21, 2014

The T21 Blog Hop - August 2014

August, as they say, has been interesting thus far.

So much has been happening... It has gotten me thinking of Acceptance vs Awareness again, the question of what is normal and not, what is health and what is considered illness and when the change from one to another actually happens, if at all.

I guess what really hit it home today is the following quote from the agency who is monitoring and aiding in my son's development:

"-Wyatt has Down's Syndrome [sic].
 -Wyatt is Twin 'A'.  Twin 'B' is a healthy female."


With this in mind, it's time for a little more acceptance, methinks.  Time for a little more slice of life, time for a little more "... is natural".  Down syndrome is a part of life.  Autism is a part of life. Disability, in any shape or form, is natural and not sickness.  They are not to be feared, extinguished, beaten.  They do not need a cure.

I'm going to extend it a little further this time too.  Depression is natural, as is anxiety and many other things.  They happen, they exist.  They can be quite disabling.  They are not to be feared either. 

I really look forward to a time when this isn't a discussion. 

Grab some ice for a nice cold drink, and read some great Acceptance blogging.

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