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In the News - May 2014

A collection of news articles, blogs, stories and information about Down syndrome, disability and special needs, from Down Wit Dat's Facebook page.  These are from May 2014.

AUDIOindicates an audio clip
APPEAL indicates an online petition or plea
BLOG indicates a blog post
CASE indicates a lawsuit or proceedings
EVENT indicates a scheduled event
IMAGE indicates a graphic, image or comic
LAWS indicates a new piece of legislation
LINKS indicates links or resource materials
PHOTOS indicates photos
POLL indicates an online survey
POST indicates an advocacy statement made through social media
PRESS indicates a press release
QUOTE indicates a meaningful quote
STUDY indicates a study or discovery
THREAD indicates an online discussion thread
VIDEO indicates a video or movie clip
VLOG indicates a video blog post

BLOGWhy I Fight For Inclusion For My Kid (and Your Kid, Too)
Learning With Disabilities: One Effort To Shake Up The Classroom
Facebook Is Throttling Nonprofits and Activists
IMAGE"Being complicit in ableism is what allows it to continue. If this isn't about you, then..."
BLOGScared? Me? Kind Of. Its Open Season on the Disabled.
Sheltered Workshops
‘It wasn’t fair’: Why an Ontario school isn’t letting a sick girl go to prom
College Access for Students with Intellectual Disabilities is in jeopardy
BLOGThe neurodiversity fence
IMAGE"Disability deserves the same attention as other civil rights struggles."
It's time to stop using the 'R' word
POLLAWN Survey for Autistic Women
IMAGEYour favorite pages are not gone they are just hidden
IMAGEOne Example of CBE...
IMAGE“I don't even understand why it's surprising that when a child is told persistently, and by..."
BLOGPutting the "Health" Back in "Mental Health"
BLOGMotherhood: Now and Zen
BLOGForgetting not an option: Horrors at Willowbrook State School remembered at annual CSI lecture
VIDEOSh*t People Say To Non-Verbal Peeps
IMAGE“Functioning Labels Are: Arbitrary, Ableist, Limiting, Meaningless, Dehumanizing..."
BLOGYou Are Not Alone
BLOGI never meant for you to know
BLOGJust Another Typical Comedian, Daniel Tosh
BLOG“Rethinking Your Beliefs About Autism”
EVENTThe T-21 Blog Hop - May 2014 - Advocacy Rewind
BLOG"She Won't Get Anything Out of It" and Other Mainstreaming Blunders
IMAGE"Speak up. If it doesn't come from us, it comes from people who don't have an intellectual..."
BLOGAutism, Competence, Adding Kemal to Mustafa
BLOGPicking Rocks
BLOGOn beauty
BLOGWhat not to say
BLOGYou Are Not Alone
BLOG"I Don't Care About You": Thoughts on Accessibility and Disability Sensitivity
BLOGA different kind of Autism Awareness: We are here, Be Aware.
7 Reasons Why an Autism Advocacy Organization Would Oppose the Combating Autism Act
BLOGWhen He Grows Up
BLOGProud To Be A Grad School Drop-Out: #AutismPositivity2014
BLOGIntellectual Disability and a Path to Overcoming Stigma: My Conversation with Sam
BLOGPass The CRPD ... For Spite
BLOGI Am More Than An Empty Wheelchair: Speaking Up Against Ableism
BLOG4 Lessons Peacocks Can Teach Us About Advocacy
BLOGMy Plan B is… Stick to Plan A!!
BLOGI’m Not Here for Your Inspiration, and Neither is Michael J Fox
IMAGE"Inclusive: It does NOT mean "If you want to participate, conform to the cultural/social..."
Cops: Autistic student abused with push pin
APPEALWithdraw the police caution given to my 19-year-old with Downs Syndrome.
BLOGThe Narcissistic Parent of the Special Needs Child
BLOG"Autistic people are significantly more likely to be bullied and stigmatised than they are to..."
BLOGBirds and why they're sometimes flipped
BLOGFlash Blog: Autism is Not a Crime
BLOG Statement on Isla Vista Murder Incident
A Revolutionary Approach to Treating PTSD
IMAGE"Aspergers is:" "Not having friends, Being withdrawn, A lack of empathy and..."
Councillor accused of complaining that voter with learning difficulties 'shouldn't be voting' in local elections
VIDEOChildren of Darkness
Autism, allyship and Autism Speaks
BLOGVIDEO: School cop fired for beating child with cerebral palsy, dumping him out of wheelchair
BLOG“Are You Even Capable of Running This Program?” : A Response by Sonia Boue.

May also saw another edition of the T-21 Blog Hop...

Thanks to all who participated.

The T-21 Blog Hop will take place every month on the 21st, for three days and will continue to feature advocacy posts from across the disability community. See you on June 21st!

...And that's the news.  Keep the stories and information coming!

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