Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy National Down syndrome Awareness Week!

The 31 for 21 and Down syndrome Awareness Month may be over, but here in Canada, National Down syndrome Awareness week has just begun.

With the 31 for 21, we promote awareness and advocate for those with Down syndrome.  This week is about celebrating with people with DS and how they contribute to our everyday lives.

My son is a little small for self advocacy yet, but he constantly inspires me to want to learn more. 

Medical Mondays

Teaching Tuesdays
1 Welcome to the 31 for 21
2 ABHDS #4 - Roots of Institutionalization and Eugenics
8 Thyroid Disorders and DS
9 Signing and Language Development in DS
15 The Brain #1 - How the Brain Works
16 Learning and Down syndrome
22 The Brain #2 - The Brain and Trisomy 21
23 ABHDS #5 - From Education to Eugenics
29 The Brain #3 - DS, Alzheimers and a Very Special Mouse
30 ABHDS #6 - From Eugenics to Extermination

Wyatt & Zoe/Wordless Wednesdays

Therapy Thursdays
3 The Joys of Noise and Mess
4 To Sip or Not to Sip
10 Wordless Wednesday
11 All About the Crawl
17 Angels
18 Speech and Language #1
24 Autumn Babies
25 Speech and Language #2 - Early Intervention
31 In the News

Factoid Fridays

Storytime Saturdays
5 Fast Facts on DS (Revisited)
6 Telling Their Stories
12 We Want Respect
13 More Birth Stories
19 Special Needs Bullying
20 A Little Longer and a Little Different
26 DSM - "Mental Retardation" No Longer Acceptable
27 "Retarded"

Family Day/Silent Sundays

7 DS, Coping and Caregiver Stress

14 Care and Feeding of the "Special Needs" Parent

21 He Ain't Heavy...

28 Little Monsters

This year's campaign features Nicholas Popowich, a self advocate from Regina, Saskatchewan.  If you would like to know more about Nicholas or the National Down Syndrome Awareness Week, you can contact the Canadian Down syndrome Society.

Happy National Down syndrome Awareness Week 2012.  This week we "recognize and celebrate the contributions made by people with Down syndrome, like Nicholas, everyday in our schools, communities, workplaces and families." (CDSS, 2012)

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