Thursday, September 27, 2012

Down Wit Dat Nominated for Top 25 Canadian Moms!

We interrupt this blog to bring you the latest news:

Down Wit Dat has been nominated for Circle of Mom's Top 25 Canadian Moms category!  This is super exciting... although we have a global following, we are relatively unknown in our own country.

As well, this is an open category, so it would be fantastic to score one for inclusion!

What you can do:

On the right hand side, you will see this logo:

[Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Moms - 2012 - Vote for me!]
Click it once and find Down Wit Dat in the rankings (look for our distinctive blue DwD square dragonflies logo).

Down Wit Dat
Look for this logo!

Then, to the right, click the thumbs up "vote" circle.

That's it!

You can do this once a day, every day until October 11th!

We also have the voting link posted to our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Group.  Vote early, vote often.  Let's show Circle of Moms and Canada what we are made of! 

Thanks so much.  For the nomination and your continued support.


[We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog]

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